Celebrate Baptism!


Celebrating baptism is celebrating life transformation that only comes
from following Jesus – and it’s one of our favorite things at Parkview!

You Belong

We follow Jesus’ example of baptism and his instruction for us to do likewise. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward reality: personal faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. At it’s core, baptism is your opportunity to say “I belong to Jesus – no turning back”.

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Made New

The waters of baptism are not where salvation happens – the work on the cross is already complete! The waters of baptism are symbolic. God’s grace covers us completely, washes our sinful hearts, and leaves us a totally clean, fully forgiven, new creation!

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What does a baptism service at Parkview look like?
Baptism services are full of energy at Parkview! People are baptized in a small tank or baptismal on stage, one at a time, while we worship as a church family. You can be baptized by Parkview staff or anyone who has been influential in your faith journey.

Do I need to share my testimony?
We love to hear how God moves in the life of our church. You’ll have a chance to share your story within the baptism story form linked above. There’s no need to share your testimony at all during the baptism service – your testimony is your baptism!

What should I wear?
Baptism at Parkview is full submersion. We have a baptism t-shirt for you, which you can wear with whatever makes you comfortable. We recommend athletic bottoms. We’re casual.

Can babies and kids be baptized?
The decision to be baptized should be made once you personally profess faith in Jesus and understand the meaning of baptism as he taught it. We love to walk with kids and students through this journey! For young children, family dedication is a parent’s opportunity to commit to raising their child to know God and our church family’s opportunity to commit to supporting you in that journey. To learn more about family dedications, please contact michael@parkview.cc.