Growth Track is a community-driven, discipleship pathway built with your transformation in mind. Each phase is designed to increase your understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. As you move from Explore to Foundations, to Formation, to Purpose, your knowledge of who you are and how you are meant to live will grow.  At Parkview, we believe the discipleship journey never ends. Growth Track is here to keep you engaged throughout the journey.

Are you interested in growing in your relationship with Jesus?

Parkview’s Growth Track is a discipleship pathway to support you in your spiritual growth. We know you take your spiritual growth seriously, so we have developed a program to elevate your spiritual growth to the next step.

What is it?

Growth Track is a 4 step journey into discipleship.  We are starting with three classes, but the menu of classes will grow over time.  The four steps are Explore, Foundation, Formation and Purpose.

Explore is a place to explore the basic elements of the faith, ask questions, and share doubts in a safe place. It’s also the best way to introduce a friend to Jesus! The class currently being offered in Explore is called Alpha.
Foundation is a place to build a solid foundation for your faith to grow. The classes offered in Foundation are designed to provide solid, formational and practical teaching intended to equip you to proactively deepen your faith. The class currently being offered is called The Bible for Everyone.
Formation is a place to form an active and engaging faith. The classes offered in formation aim to help you live a missional life and impact the world around you. The class currently being offered is called ‘Follow Me’.
Coming Sping 2020!

Who is it for?

Growth Track is for everyone who wants to grow in their spiritual journey. Whether you are new to the idea of “Church” and “Christianity” or you have been a Christian for a long time, there is a place for you in Growth Track! Here is what matters most:

  • You desire to grow and learn
  • You remain open to learning from people who might disagree with you
  • You are willing to choose courage over comfort
  • You like to have fun and eat great food

Where can it lead?

Growth Track is uniquely designed to move people along in their journey with Christ.  Our hope is Growth Track will lead to a greater understanding of God’s world and your place in it.  We believe and trust Growth Track will help you find a path toward grace, restoration, courage and a transformative faith.

What is the impact?

We believe you are the Church.  Regardless of where you are in the journey, you are the Church.  When you transform, the Church transforms. As you grow, the Church grows.  As you begin to impact the world around you, the Church impacts the world around you. Growth Track is Parkview’s way of helping you live a transforming life. What is the impact? A transforming you! 

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