Local + Global Strategy

Parkview’s global and local partnerships help us grow in our awareness, engagement, and investment in the world around us.

Growing in our awareness
Our partners provide us unique opportunities to expand our knowledge of issues and conversations happening in our backyard as well as around the world. When we grow in our awareness of the world, we start to develop empathy, compassion, and humility towards the other.

Growing in our engagement
While awareness is the first step, our partners also provide us opportunities to engage in their work through events, service projects, trips, and other initiatives. When we engage with our partners, our hearts and resources start to align and we deepen our commitment to loving the other.

This step is a “full jump” into the conversation. Just like any other investment, to invest in the global community requires a shifting of priorities, a rearrangement of schedules, and a redistribution of energy and resources. Investment opportunities cannot be entered into flippantly and are a reflection of a genuine desire to better understand and love the world.

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Do you have questions about who we support as a church community or wonder who our partnerships are? Get all the details by visiting the Ministry Partner Directory.

Join our effort to provide clean water to children in Africa.
You can make a difference in by raising awareness and money to support developing communities in Africa get clean water.

Support elementary students in Villa Park reach the next grade level.
You can help support our mentoring, after-school programs, and emotional support programs to help students succeed in school.

Service Projects & Events

We show up for people. Whether it is around the world or right here in our back yard, find a service project that can help your community. There is always a need to fill.

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Your Donations Make a Difference


We are always seeking new ways to support our ministry partners. Whether it is through
resources, time, or our a money donation, we can make a difference together.

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