Andy Klenke

Global & Local Pastor

Myers-Briggs:  ISTJ-The Logistician

Enneagram Number and Title: 5-The Observer

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching and Encouragement

Top Strengths: Learner, Developer, Harmony, Maximizer, and Discipline

Personal Bio

Well-known during his childhood for being awarded “Best Cannonball” in his elementary swim class, Andy Klenke grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Putting his swimming aspirations aside, Andy attended the Moody Bible Institute where he focused on Biblical Studies.  Married to Brittany, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife to experience new cultures and traditions together.  During his free time, Andy appreciates taking advantage of all that the beautiful city of Chicago has to offer, whether driving to Lake Michigan or excitedly cheering at a Cubs game.   At Parkview Community Church, Andy serves as the Global and Local Pastor.  Connecting with the church’s international and regional partners and sometimes teaching classes or preaching on the weekends are Andy’s main responsibilities.  Striving to communicate in an appealing and engaging way, Andy finds delight from being able to simplify a complicated topic or passage so that people can better understand God and His Word.  Andy’s intent to help others learn and grow is evidenced in the way he lives his life and he hopes people remember him as “someone who loved Jesus, helped others, and never stopped growing.”