Josh Afram

Middle School Pastor

Myers-Briggs: ENFP-The Campaigner

Enneagram Number and Title: 3-The Achiever

Spiritual Gifts: Leadership, Pastor, Apostleship, and Discernment

Top Strengths: Learner, Developer, Arranger, Context, and Woo  (Winning Others Over)

Personal Bio

Originally from Rockford, Illinois Joshua Afram studied Business and Economics at Rockford University and later focused his learning on Theology and Family Ministry at Bethel Seminary, where he graduated in 2012.  His main responsibilities at Parkview Community Church include overseeing and executing the vision and mission of the Student Ministries (grades 6-12).   During his day as the Middle School Pastor, Joshua can be found working on projects related to teaching, learning, and budget setting as well as vision creation and pastoral care.  He also hosts the Ray K Translation podcast.  Joshua is most passionate about developing strong, healthy teams and equipping youth to be world changers.  He values trust, inclusivity, growth, and fun, which are all attributes that form and enhance Parkview’s thriving student ministry.  Joshua is married to Paige and together they have one son named Jacob.  When he is not focused on student ministry, Joshua is most passionate about being intentional about the time spent with his family.  He loves gathering people together around the table to share a delicious meal that he has cooked, and he also enjoys trying out new restaurants in the city.