Meredith Gaston

Communications Director

Myers-Briggs: INFJ-The Advocate

Enneagram Number and Title: 9-The Peacemaker (with 3 – The Achiever)

Spiritual Gifts: Giving, Leadership, Prophecy, and Evangelism

Top Strengths:  Positivity, Achiever, Futuristic, Focus, and Strategic

Personal Bio

In her position as Communications Director, Meredith Gaston manages Parkview’s art direction, social media, website, promotion, and marketing materials.  Although she envisions and develops the high-level communications strategy for the church, she also personally executes the creation of print and digital media.  Overall, the focus of Meredith’s job is to properly communicate to target audiences here at Parkview and within the community.  Balancing form and function, she strives to pair operational processes and resources with aesthetically-pleasing, authentic designs and images.   Formerly from Raleigh, North Carolina Meredith received a degree in Visual Communication Arts from Liberty University.  Meredith previously collaborated with corporate, non-profit, and start-up companies in marketing, design, and promotion, which led to her captivating work being recognized with six American Advertising Awards.  Despite her success in the corporate world,  Meredith felt led to leave her career to pursue God’s calling and to use her talents to further His kingdom.   Together with her husband Josh, daughter named Elaine, and a crew of animals, Meredith moved to Glen Ellyn to fulfill her mission at Parkview.  In her time outside of work, Meredith finds joy in admiring the Lord’s creations, discovering fine art, and maintaining an active, full life with the ones she loves most.