Shari Alia

Engagement Director

Myers-Briggs: ESFJ-The Consul

Enneagram Number and Title: 6-The Loyalist

Spiritual Gifts: Care

Top Strengths: Harmony, Empathy, Positivity, Discipline, and Woo  (Winning Others Over)

Personal Bio

Although a native of Glen Ellyn, Shari Alia has only been a member of Parkview for a few years so she can relate to how newcomers feel at church.  As part of her role as Director of Engagement, Shari wants that uncomfortable and sometimes awkward stage for people first entering the church to be as short as possible.  In collaboration with the NEXT team, Shari hopes to engage incomers through Parkview Preview, Alpha, baptism, and church-wide serving events.  She works to create a nurturing, friendly environment at Parkview where people feel comfortable jumping right into serving roles or joining new programs and groups. Married to Tim, Shari most enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Wilco.  She has a passion for Team World Vision and feels that it is the best thing that she’s ever been a part of!  She captains the Chicago Marathon team for clean water and is committed to helping give fullness of life through this program.  It is her heart for others and her commitment to providing relief to the suffering all over the world that led her to Parkview.  When she learned that the church sacrificially gave $50,000 to the ministry of World Relief as part of their Christmas Giving Initiative in December 2016, she knew that Parkview was her home.