Trystan Oh

High School Director

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ – The Protagonist

Enneagram Number and Title: 3 (4 wing) – The Achiever

Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism, Prayer, and Teaching

Top Strengths: Belief, Ideation, Restorative, Achiever, and Developer

Personal Bio

Although born in Daegu, Korea, Trystan Oh spent his childhood years in Lake Orion, Michigan. While in Wheaton College’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Trystan studied Anthropology, Christian Formation and Ministry, and Business and Economics.  He compiled all his learnings and a potential solution to problems arising from cross-cultural Christian ministry by the American church to post-colonial nations in a thesis titled, “Lamenting the Imperialist Gospel: A Diagnostic Reflection of Traditional Missionary Methods in Jakarta, Indonesia.” Trystan’s studies stirred in him a passion for international relations, philosophy, and the global church.  With his lovely wife Jess, Trystan finds joy in being outdoors, woodworking, reading great literature, and connecting with others.  As the High School Director at Parkview, Trystan oversees all parts of the High School Ministry.  Most concerned with the spiritual formation of students and their capacity to change the world, Trystan believes it is vital that he gives students his full time and attention as it reflects how God loves us well.  Often found connecting with students over a cup of coffee or meal, he thrives on helping teenagers navigate challenging life experiences.